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What is a gift box
Data:2016-02-19 09:09:48

Gift box is the embodiment of the mind, we personally do the love
Or to buy the love of goods, without exception, should be a result of the effect of the packaging, or romantic, or
Mysterious, or surprise, or shock, when you slowly open it is like opening a Secret Forest in your heart, show
Show him that you want to express a different mind, this is the meaning of the gift box. Because the gift box is packed
Ways of a function of the social needs of the extension. So it not only has the role of packaging and in a certain extent
Highlights the role of a part of the gift box is to increase the degree of beauty and is proportional to the value of the goods, in a certain
Extent, weakening the use value of goods. Not much difference between and general in the protection of the commodity packaging, in order to highlight the price
Value will use more expensive and beautiful lining to protect goods, such as silk and so on. There is no general circulation
Packaging is so convenient, the value of the gift is relatively high, the cost of the circulation of the cost is bound to high, such as the collision free
Deformation, etc.. There is no doubt that there is a super high impact on the beauty of the goods to attract customers. Gift box according to the package
Install material: paper products, plastic products, metal, wood, glass containers and packaging composite materials
, general gift box and more use of paper packaging, which is related to the traditional culture of China, we have a romantic heart
The feelings, like this can express the heart of the solemn feelings. And advocate green packaging, paper is undoubtedly the most appropriate
The selection, production and processing of simple packaging waste recovery rate is also high.


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