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Development prospect of kraft paper bag
Data:2016-02-19 08:58:58

Development prospect:
The appearance of kraft paper bag has changed the amount of people's shopping, which can only be limited by the number of items in both hands.
Thinking, but also makes consumers no longer because of fear to get down and reduce the shopping itself a pleasant experience. If
Said the birth of kraft paper sacks promotes the development of the retail industry, perhaps some exaggeration, but it is at least to business
Home reveals such a phenomenon that the customer's shopping experience has become as comfortable, relaxed and convenient as possible.
Ago, you simply can not predict how much consumers will buy. That is the point that caused the later.
Attention to the consumer shopping experience, but also to promote the development of the supermarket shopping basket and shopping cart.
In more than half a century later, development is kraft paper shopping bag is smooth, the improvement of the material
Bearing capacity continues to increase, the appearance is becoming more and more beautiful, manufacturers will be a variety of trademarks, patterns printed in cattle
Paper bag, into the store shops in high streets and back lanes. Until the mid twentieth Century, plastic shopping bags appeared
To become a major revolution in the history of the development of shopping bags. It takes more light, stronger and cheaper manufacturing costs.
Because of the advantages of glory once be cast into the shade kraft paper bag. Since then, plastic bags into the life of the first consumer
Selected, and kraft bag gradually relegated to second tier". Finally, the passing scenery as kraft paper bag only under the guise of "nostalgia"
"Nature", "environmental protection" in the name of a small number of skin care products, clothing and books, audio and video products packaging
However, as the "anti plastic" wind of the global prevalence, environmental protection people have begun to look to the old kraft
Bag. McDonald's China Company from 2006, and gradually carried out in all stores with a heat insulation performance of cattle
A paper bag to take away food, to use instead of plastic food bag. This initiative has also been other businesses
The positive response, such as Nike, Adidas and other former plastic bag consumption, have started to use quality
Kraft paper bags to replace plastic shopping bags.


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